6 Steps to Buy Cryptocurrency with Westpac Bank


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Cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of popularity among investors nowadays. The advent of transparent and secure trading platforms — such as Sywftx — has further boosted the cryptocurrency trade.

Even the banks have stepped in to make the trading of cryptocurrency easier than ever before. Westpac, the second-largest Australian bank, allows its customers to avail several buying options when purchasing bitcoin in Australia. It also allows its customers to directly purchase cryptocurrency via their bank accounts.


Before buying bitcoin, you need to decide which trading platform you’re going to use. Our recommendation is to opt for Sywftx because it offers the best rates among its competitors in Australia.


Follow these simple steps to buy bitcoin within minutes. The verification process could take more than a day but usually happens instantly.


  1. Sign up on Sywftx.com.au
  2. Set up two-factor authentication for greater security
  3. Fill up your personal details
  4. Deposit an amount of your choice via Westpac
  5. Navigate to the cryptocurrency you’d like to buy
  6. Confirm your order


That’s it! Follow these simple steps to start trading cryptocurrency today. Remember, to trade via transparent, secure, and low-commission trading, choose Sywftx as your trading platform.

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